The story of Brave Foods begins on the shores of Lake Michigan; back in the day, Lad, the founder of SMOWL, was still working for a large food corporation. It was during one of those long Michigan winter nights that the urge to embark on a new adventure started to become irresistible: the adventurous idea of creating his own food start-up was calling…


Through his business travel in the US and around the world, Lad discovered the world of superfoods: super tasty and super healthy but not always super convenient to pack in a suitcase… Since that time, Lad has been dreaming of creating a nutritious and delicious but most of all convenient snack full of superfoods (all the benefits and none of the hassle). All of this without any compromise on ingredients or quality. That was the challenge!

SMOWL was born


After trying Californian smoothie-bowls, overnight oats in NYC, super-porridge in Chicago and London (not to mention Swiss Bircher-Müesli) his decision was made: it was time to be brave and boldly begin his new life as a food entrepreneur. After lots of recipe trials and failures, a few sleepless nights and loads of laughter, SMOWL was born in a tiny apartment in Lausanne, Switzerland sometime in September 2016.


We were all fired up and ready to go; the next phase was to find a partner that would share our values and vision for what healthy snacking should be and who could help us produce those recipes. It took us a long time to find the right fit but that’s what happens when you’re a bit stubborn and not willing to compromise on anything…


The adventure is only just beginning and we have many more things up our sleeve. Deliciously healthy surprises that we will roll out in the upcoming months. Stay tuned!


EU_Organic_Logo_Colour_54x36mm.svg All our products are certified organic by Ecocert France (FR-BIO-01) and bio.inspecta Switzerland (CH-BIO-006)

SMOWL in the press !

Our Values


We have nothing to hide, and nor do our products. Our philosophy is to use only products you can find in your own kitchen. Our ingredient lists speak for themselves: all natural, nothing added, no additives, colourings, preservatives or any weird stuff (palm oil, fructose corn syrup ....). All 100% organic


We are proud to use only the best ingredients, all certified organic. Some ingredients were even specifically designed for our recipes. That's because we would never compromise on quality so we always give you the best.

Health and Nutrition

We believe that health and nutrition are part of a lifestyle. There is no silver bullet and that's why we strive to develop healthy and innovative products that fit with our lifestyle. So we can all benefit from those healthy and balanced foods, wherever life takes us.


It all started here

Ladislas Beuzelin